5 Tips For Startup Recruitment

startup recruitment tipsFounders care for start-ups like it’s a baby. Of course! You need to put in your time and efforts 24/7 to get the best. If you have a baby, wouldn’t you want them to have the best of things? Exactly. That’s the same case while handling a startup. You really wouldn’t trust your baby to someone who wouldn’t care for them the way you do, right? They should be able to understand how your baby is and work towards making them a better person. That’s exactly the kind of treatment you’d give your startup as well.

Recruiting for a start-up is hard work and it needs to be done meticulously. What are the things you need to be thorough about while recruiting for a startup? Well, here are the top 5 tips to get the best talents for every start-up:

#1 : The Vision Is Important

When you’re getting new talents for a startup, you need to understand the founder’s vision. This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore the potential recruits! You’re selling a career and need to make sure that both the employee and the employer have a matching wavelength.  Make sure that the talent you shortlist sees a future with the company and has the hunger to learn and grow with the organization. Get it sorted in your head before trying to get a potential employee for the organization. The thought counts.

#2 : Accumulate The Assets

Learn and understand the USPs of the organization to connect with new hires. As a recruiter, you should have no doubts about the company vision, work culture and benefits. When you find a potential candidate, sell the idea of being a part of great atmosphere with many perks. After collected the assets, you need to make sure that candidates you’re interested in can add value to it.

#3 : Know The Customer

When hiring talents for a startup, you need to understand what kind of customers the organization caters to. Break down barriers between you and potential clients to understand their take on the customer persona. Targeting the appropriate candidates is important. Once you think of candidates as customers you’ll service, you will get a better idea as to what will make them click. If they can think similar to the founding members, you’ve scored the winning goal!

#4 : Make Them Feel Important

Communication the key to getting potential candidates on board.  When you know that a candidate has all the right qualities to be a part of the organization, make them feel that they can add great value to the company.  Make them want to be part of a privileged team.

#5 : Flexibility Is A Bonus!

Keeping the hiring process as natural as possible can help attract and acquire the right candidates. Every person is different, although all great hires will have a few similar qualities. When you’re able to speak the same language as the potential candidates, you can get better insights from them. It’ll be a win-win!


For start-ups, recruiting new talent is like getting partners. Every employee can impact the business as much as the founders. It’s different from an MC because, in a startup, it’s more like a family that’s growing together. When hiring, especially for executive positions, you need to choose candidates that bring in equal expertise if not more, than the founders, along with staying ahead of the game.