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Great executives turn a good company into great by accentuating the strengths and minimizing or eliminating the weak points.


Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Everyone puts their best in the work they do and hope to be recognized for the hard work and potential. Then again, there are times when you feel that you’re doing all that you can but you just can’t grow beyond a certain point. You see your counterparts reaching great heights but you’re just stagnant….

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Case Study: Be the Geek You Claim to Be!

Your team is given a huge multi-national client that is expected to make plenty of quality hires over the next coming year. All is good till the first requirement hits your mailbox. You read on, and it begins to get more and more clear, they need a superwoman. A Senior Director of technology who has…

Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Ever got up at 3:30 AM in the morning, terrified and running to check if your newborn is taken by the devil or just needs their nappies changed? If yes and if you have already read the title of our article (Let’s face it, you are here, reading, because you saw the title), you know where we are going with this.

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Hire the Person, Not the Resume

So imagine you’ve been trying to buy an apartment for some time now. Every day you surf the net and go through the brochures of hundreds of projects, glossy eyed, marvelling at the whole lot of luxury you can be lapping up pretty soon if their claims and the pictures are something to go by….