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5 Tips For Startup Recruitment

Founders care for start-ups like it’s a baby. Of course! You need to put in your time and efforts 24/7 to get the best. If you have a baby, wouldn’t you want them to have the best of things? Exactly. That’s the same case while handling a startup. You really wouldn’t trust your baby to…

Resume Hacks

4 Resume Hacks to Landing The Dream Job

It’s  not easy to write a mind-blowing resume. The single sheet of paper can make or break your life. So, you need to be absolutely certain as to what you’ll fill that holy grail with. It’s like salt, you know? A tad bit less and your delicious food tastes like sand. But a teeny bit…

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Recruitment Marketing

  Recruitment of the right person is indispensable for the success of the organization. The war for quality talent is bound to intensify in the coming decades, with more & more companies tapping to new innovative forms of sourcing candidates or exploring newer forms of talent pools available to bring on board. Recruitment marketing is…


Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Everyone puts their best in the work they do and hope to be recognized for the hard work and potential. Then again, there are times when you feel that you’re doing all that you can but you just can’t grow beyond a certain point. You see your counterparts reaching great heights but you’re just stagnant….


Why Should I Be An Intern?

The answer is pretty simple. See, in the present scenario we’re experiencing a stupendous  increase of youngsters starting  a startup company while studying, others doing freelance work and some doing internships. Still, youth unemployment problems are present all around the world. In this battle  for talents, having just a degree isn’t going to get you…

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Case Study: Be the Geek You Claim to Be!

Your team is given a huge multi-national client that is expected to make plenty of quality hires over the next coming year. All is good till the first requirement hits your mailbox. You read on, and it begins to get more and more clear, they need a superwoman. A Senior Director of technology who has…

The Glass Ceiling Effect

The Glass Ceiling Effect

The glass ceiling effect is something you come across quite often, especially when concerning female corporate employees. Way back in 1986, the Wall Street Journal came up with the expression “the glass ceiling” in an academic article by A.M. Morrison.

Stop in the name of Diversity! 400x400

Stop in the name of Diversity!

  The organization announces, “We are looking to recruit only female candidates for this particular role” And the folks cheer with chants of “DIVERSITY”. “It’s amazing how the company cares about ensuring there is a diversity rich workplace and maintaining the gender ration.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? The organization announces, “We are looking to hire…


The Pros And Cons Of Acqui-hiring

Acqui-hiring is a hot topic in the startup world right now. Everyone wants to get the best for their organization and this method of recruiting capable candidates is something everyone is choosing. What actually is  Acqui-hire? Acqui-hiring is just a fancy way of saying that your company is going to be bought out by another…

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The Difference between Acqui-hiring vs. Acquisition vs. Merger

With the war to get the best talents for companies, every expert is in on the hunt to find the best. Well, there are different ways to get the cream of the cob but it’s like choosing the perfect smartphone, don’t you think? A phone with all the right features that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket is what we all hope for. With that said, what exactly is the best way to hire a great employee?