The Difference between Acqui-hiring vs. Acquisition vs. Merger

Business-team-pulling-a-company-up-from-the-floor. (1)With the war to get the best talents for companies, every expert is in on the hunt to find the best. Well, there are different ways to get the cream of the cob but it’s like choosing the perfect smartphone, don’t you think? A phone with all the right features that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket is what we all hope for. With that said, what exactly is the best way to hire a great employee? Some terms that we come across in the recruitment sector are, “acqui-hiring”, “acquisition” and “merger”. What exactly are these techy words that poor Potterheads and Football fanatics can’t possibly understand? It’s your lucky day, ‘cuz we have the answer!

Acqui-Hiring: This is when a well-established company approaches a smaller one, for example, a start-up and hires the whole talented lot into their own. No, they don’t want your services, they want your whole team! Think of it as using lure module at a hotspot pokestop and catching all of the spawns! Yep, now you have all those ratatas and pidgeys to transfer and collect candies to power-up your Raticates and Pigeots to their maximum CP!

Acquisition: You’ve seen those rare team instinct gyms you know you can beat with your Snorlax, even though it simply can’t do anything but use body slam? Yeah, exactly! Taking over a gym and making it all yours (hail Valor!) is called acquisition. Acquisition is when a company takes over another company

Merger: A merger is similar to an acquisition in some ways but it’s not a complete takeover. It’s when two companies join forces and form a new and better organization. Yes, you know that you must protect your team gym and you fight the other Pokemon and show that you’re worthy of being a defender and eventually turn it into a really tough Level 8 Gym. Cool, isn’t it?

The final goal is to make a successful organization with the best people, that everybody can’t wait to be a part of. So, what’s your take on the topic?