The DNA Of Startup Hiring


With a highly fast paced market hiring a right candidate remains the crux of any company & it comes not with as many challenges around. The complication just doubles up when one is hiring for startups. Yes, we are talking about firms which are in its very early stage, firms which had recent lay-offs and firms struggling to find right fits.

If only we could breakdown and separate the DNA of the ideal candidate for a startup, how amazing would that be for startup founders? But infact, it is the ability of the initial team to envision the product, scale up as the company grows and passionate towards the organization that eventually ends up being the ideal core team. It is this team that is behind the company’s growth to greatness.
So what does it take to get the right candidate at the early stages of the startup?

The Product Is….Shhhhh…

There he is! The most sought after educational qualification from a premier technology school, technical superstar, startup enthusiast, and everything else that a startup founder dreams about! Match made in heaven? Well, not quite! After multiple rounds of discussions with the founders, the super stud candidate says and I quote “I’m not sure what this product is. The founders won’t divulge anything about it.”
How could you expect a potential candidate to consider the opportunity (let alone be excited about it) if you tell the candidate nothing about what you are building and how it is going to make a difference in people’s lives?

Communicate Expectations Before They Start

It goes without saying that in a startup, one is expected to wear multiple hats and play several roles for the company. Candidates who are enthusiastic about a startup understand this, but it is essential to draw a boundary and state what may and may not be on your plate when you being working for that particular startup. A clear cut JD may not be possible, but providing clarity by communicating is a good way to eliminate doubts, foster excellent culture and engage them.

Reach Out To Your Network

Your network is more powerful than you think. For every key resource that you for look all over the country, the perfect fit for that role almost always lies in your network. The odds on convincing someone from your own network is much higher than someone who doesn’t have any sort of connect with you. Always look within before you look all over!

Talk The Dirty Talk!

The ideal candidate will not run after money, absolutely! But you have to pay them, right?! So, lay the numbers before them, tell them what is it that you can offer, in terms of salary, incentives, perks and benefits. Don’t shy away from mentioning this even if the candidate stays mum about it.

Trust us, decoding the DNA is not an easy task. But that’s what we love doing, have a look at “How We Grow Startups to Greatness