The Genes of a Tech Geek


Remember the glory days in the 90’s and early 2000’s, where if you were a software engineer in Infosys, Wipro, or HCL, you were considered as the elite professional who made a great living? Ahh… those were the days! These companies primarily offer services to the companies in the western hemisphere. That gave an opportunity to go on-site, which was equivalent to gold back in the day.

It seems almost  hilarious now, how our minds were tuned to such thoughts about a decade and a half ago! But now, things are so a lot different. The internet giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon & others which are solving challenges and issues like this tend to attract the tech geeks out there, because, in order to solve these problems, you need skill. The kind of competencies required for a product firm is entirely different from that of the skill sets required by the service firm.

Let’s break down The Genes of a Tech Geek

  • Skill Vs Competency:  It’s all about the competencies. Not the skills you have acquired over the years! You could be well-built and muscular, but what good are you if you can’t lift heavy weights? And that’s what product companies need, someone who can lift heavy, not the muscular appearance per se. In the technical sense, years and years of experience but not worked on highly voluminous complex products, means that you are just not good enough to make the cut!
  • The Never Ending Thirst:  If you love something, what would you do? You. Never. Let. Go. Of. It. Geeks are not the 9 – 6 folks, they are passion driven! Ask them what they do during their leisure time, won’t be surprised to hear that they still code or learn a new magic script. Just because they love to do so!
  • No more GPAs

Higher the GPA, the better you are! That may be how your mother rated how good you were, but that’s not how it works in the real world. Geeks spend so much time learning something new or building something that they love, that more often than not, they may not be the top scorers of the batch. If you want to spot a geek straight out of college, look for the ones who have finished tonnes of extra project work and participation in competitions during the duration of the course.
With all these hints, it looks easy to find tech geeks, doesn’t it? Go on, look around and spot tech geek around you. Feel free to write in the comment section about other traits that might help us spot a tech geek!