The Glass Ceiling Effect

Glass Ceiling EffectThe glass ceiling effect is something you come across quite often, especially when concerning female corporate employees. Way back in 1986, the Wall Street Journal came up with the expression “the glass ceiling” in an academic article by A.M. Morrison. So, what is this “ceiling” that people are talking about and why in the world does it even matter?! The glass ceiling is some kind of invisible barrier that prevents women from climbing the corporate ladder. So, they’re saying that you stroll into the corporate world, hoping to be a senior executive member who can have all the power and glory but somehow, after getting to a certain point, you just go into a standstill.

Surveys carried out regarding the matter have shown that in some organizations, only about 10% of women employees become senior executives and hardly 4% make it to CEOs and chairmen positions. Wow! That’s a….teeny tiny percent compared to the women we’ve seen in the corporates. They also say that women even get a lower salary as compared to their male counterparts. Hmmm…okay. So, let’s try to get some factors for the clear explanation for the glass ceiling many face.

  • Time: Working up to the top isn’t easy and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and hard work is the key. Well, smart work counts but you need to be good at what you do to lead the company, don’t you think? Half knowledge is harmful. Getting through the pipeline will take some time, so don’t say you’re being treated unfairly if you don’t have the required experience
  • Motherhood: Yes, motherhood is a beautiful thing and we all cherish it but when you have little babies you need to take care of, you will have to ask work to take a back seat. This won’t really give you the freedom to make suddenly rescheduled meetings, business trips, late nights, multiple shifts etc. So yes, when you know you got to be with your kids, you can’t get to the top that easy
  • Role models: Everyone needs a role model. When you don’t really have someone to look up to, how can you picture yourself at the top and then work towards it? It’s like a vicious cycle! Hey, for a change, look up to a male senior and then challenge yourself and surpass him. That’s true victory. Try it, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the promotion even more! ‘Cuz we all know that feeding your ego can sometimes bring out the best in you

What do you think about this glass ceiling? Does it exist?? Can you never break through?