How We Grow Startups To Greatness


Startups are the buzz word of this generation. But unfortunately, not all startups have the pedigree to last the battle. As per a report by Forbes, 90% of the startups fail. Aaaahh that’s a big number and it hurts everyone who is associated with that 90% pretty badly. There could be many reasons around the failure of a startup, but one of the major reason is the team. The fact of the matter is, when you are building a startup, the team has to be built with utmost care, just like how you handle your baby. We’ve spoken at length about this in another blog post of ours. Check out “Why Startups Need Baby Like Care

A Startup Helping Other Startups

We started our journey as a Startup ourselves in 2010, and back then we were a team of 2. Being a startup ourselves, it was tough to prove our credibility to our clients and prove to them we could outdo our big competitors by a mile. But what made the difference back then was the intent of our team. We believed that we carve our niche by doing simple things differently. They say that great people don’t do different things, they do things differently. And boy, have done exactly that!

Tech Savvy Team

Doesn’t every start up want to leverage technology and have a tech savvy team? Of course, they do! Our recruiters understand technology better than any recruiter out there. They were trained on tech by techies and specifically on those stacks which are used by the startup world. And that made a world of difference in our approach. We didn’t stop there! We went a step ahead and tried understanding how each startup built tech to solve a specific puzzle and the business model behind it.

DNA Of Startups

We went about decoding the DNA of the startups. And we dedicated an entire blog post for this. Check it out here: DNA of Startup Hiring

Being Engaging

Everyone has heard of employee engagement. Different companies go about engaging their employees in different and rather innovative ways. At Anzy, we take this to a whole new level. In order to make a prospective employee feel warm and convince them that this was the ideal organization for them to grow and nurture their career, we began the process of engaging them from the time we made the first call to pitch a role to them. This resulted in better alignment and sync between the employer and the prospective employee, even before they officially began working together.

Few Babies We Helped Grow

We have helped plenty of startups build strong tech teams from scratch. A few of them that have achieved greatness are:

  1. Indian E-commerce Giant
  2. Largest Ad Tech Platform
  3. India’s Largest Online Recharge Platform

There are plenty of startups that are on their way to the pinnacle of greatness with the assistance of Anzy. Be sure to check in here to find out who they are!

Here is a case of how we solved a tech hiring mystery.

Tangled with the tech hiring puzzle of your own? Let us help you solve it.

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