Hey, I Got a Googler!

GooglerIt’s no secret that Google is a great place to work. Google hires some of the most talented techies across the globe, and they know how to take care of them! For a layman, it’s about the fancy building, the facilities, the food, and a lot more perks that one can only dream of. But, ask a Googler “Why is Google a great place to work?” and the answers are beyond the obvious.

Some of the most common answers resonate on these lines:

“The environment is such that each and everyone is encouraged to solve a real life problem in a way that you believe is right in the utmost liberation that a techie can receive.”

“You get to work with some of the most talented people. That helps you expand your horizons to achieve great things.”

“Take time to pursue your own ideas”

The underlying fact under all of this is just one word: FREEDOM!

Google hires self-motivated techies to so that they can identify and solve problems, unlike other firms where you only have to solve the problem. It is this defining factor that makes Googlers sought after in the tech industry unlike any other.

Being a talent mapper, we were fortunate to have plenty of fruitful conversations with Venture Capitalists, Founders of Startups and technocrats who are constantly looking to hire talented engineers who can solve interesting real life problems. Ironically, they all tell us the same thing… “Get me someone from Google!”

This is the sort of challenge that we thrive for. Talk about getting some of the most talented engineers, working in arguably the best place to work and doing what they love. Definitely not easy! But we didn’t sign up for easy!!

We spent time analyzing Googlers and wannabe Googlers. What is it that makes them tick? What is that strand of DNA that we could find common among all Googlers? Why does every other techie want to work in Google? What is the path in a Googler’s career?

On a rather humid night, while we were burning the midnight oil trying to solve this problem, we found something that was worth pursuing. There are many past-Googlers who have embarked on their own startup journies. Googlers are more inclined towards “starting up” than any other company. This was unprecedented (at least from our point of view it was!). The (imaginary) bulb above our head burnt brightly. We believed we had cracked the code. When so many Googlers want to start a firm of their own, why not present them an idea that they believe in and help a startup solve their problem together? Win-win!

More research went into this, to figure out how a Googler would look to venture into startup on their own. We walked many a mile in the shoes of a Googler. We visualized searches that one may use. We worked with our team to help optimize search results (After all, we had to be on the first page of the results on Google!)

Viola! There we had it. A way to potentially entice a Googler.

A few days later, we began to get responses. We could feel my heart in my mouth. It was unbelievable! We were beginning to get responses from Googlers (apart from a lot of junk).

We let it sink in. Took a step back and wondered, “How did we do that?”

The answer is simple: With a real problem worthy of solving, a challenge that an able mind wants to take up, and unparalleled passion, it is not difficult to get a Googler into your startup!