The Holistic Approach Of Executive Search

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Filling a leadership role in the organization is not a very easy task. It is the most powerful business decision you make, and the kind of executives you have defines the whole structure of the organization. There is no room for mistakes and you must find the perfect fit to take your organization to great heights, rather than bring it crashing down. Having a multi-dimensional approach to finding the right match for the organization is important. That is why you need to pay attention to the details. They are:

The Purpose Of Existence

They say, one is headed nowhere when he doesn’t carry a purpose. At Anzy, we believe that when there is an opening, especially at a senior level, it’s an obligation for the organization to provide a crystal clear picture as to why the position exists and what purpose and leverage it serves in the organization. Sometimes, when they see that a competitor has a similar position vacant, organizations open up a position to get new recruits. We strive to help companies align the right sync between the purpose of hire and the right candidate.

Put The Expert In The Driver’s Seat

The phrase, “Jack of all trades but master of none” doesn’t work quite well in this scenario. Anzy focuses solely on helping clients in identifying, attracting and hiring the most qualified individuals for the unique needs of the organization. The right domain expert needs to be chosen for a given search. With a mix of domain experts in the Tech hiring space, Anzy has a right blend to ensure that we deliver the right candidate, not resume

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

When a position is open in the organization, they may think that hiring multiple consultancies will get them a better and faster recruitment but that’s not exactly what happens. Everyone will be trying to get the person who they feel will be the right fit and finding the “ideal one” becomes a chaos. While trying to get the first one in the finish line, they may actually cost you potential candidates who would grow and lead the company to greatness. We at Anzy, believe that giving ownership to one specific domain expert is the key to dealing with successful senior hirings.

Data Driven Approach

Going beyond just the presented resume is important while hiring top executives. A holistic data-driven approach is the way ahead. Using our in-house analytics capabilities, we mine our elite data, generated over a period of 6+ years to zero down to the perfect fit for the role. This scientific approach of ours is what makes us stand out as leaders.