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The Difference between Acqui-hiring vs. Acquisition vs. Merger

With the war to get the best talents for companies, every expert is in on the hunt to find the best. Well, there are different ways to get the cream of the cob but it’s like choosing the perfect smartphone, don’t you think? A phone with all the right features that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket is what we all hope for. With that said, what exactly is the best way to hire a great employee?


Hey, I Got a Googler!

It’s no secret that Google is a great place to work. Google hires some of the most talented techies across the globe, and they know how to take care of them! For a layman, it’s about the fancy building, the facilities, the food, and a lot more perks that one can only dream of.

Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Ever got up at 3:30 AM in the morning, terrified and running to check if your newborn is taken by the devil or just needs their nappies changed? If yes and if you have already read the title of our article (Let’s face it, you are here, reading, because you saw the title), you know where we are going with this.


The Genes of a Tech Geek

Remember the glory days in the 90’s and early 2000’s, where if you were a software engineer in Infosys, Wipro, or HCL, you were considered as the elite professional who made a great living? Ahh… those were the days! These companies primarily offer services to the companies in the western hemisphere. That gave an opportunity…

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Hire the Person, Not the Resume

So imagine you’ve been trying to buy an apartment for some time now. Every day you surf the net and go through the brochures of hundreds of projects, glossy eyed, marvelling at the whole lot of luxury you can be lapping up pretty soon if their claims and the pictures are something to go by….

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Less Risk, More Rewards – Why Are Premium Colleges Wanting to Play Safe?

In the early 1990’s most of the corporate world was clouded by biggies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro & others. There was hardly a world beyond this. But the mid-2000s brought along Startups and the tech industry witnessed a completely different slide altogether. Currently, startups outnumber the MNCs by a huge margin. This also brought about…