Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care

Ever got up at 3:30 AM in the morning, terrified and running to check if your newborn is taken by the devil or just needs their nappies changed? If yes and if you have already read the title of our article (Let’s face it, you are here, reading, because you saw the title), you know where we are going with this. Before you shake your head to the left and then to the right and say “Nah Man! How can you even compare?!”, allow us to show you a mildly different perspective on child care or as Entrepreneurs call it, Startup Hiring.

Startups and babies are similar in more ways that you might think. Founders are as touchy about their startups as a parent is of their kid. Noticed how every parent thinks that their child is the most beautiful baby in the world (As they really are, all of them)? Make a group of entrepreneurs sit in the same room and they will all claim their baby (That’s what they really call their ventures) is the smartest idea ever after Sliced Bread.

All said and done, taking care and nurturing a newborn is a demanding task, although it is rewarding. You know what else is rewarding? Getting your startup to succeed. To make our babies succeed, we start early. We get them to the best play schools, then to the best schools, get them the best private tutors, to the top colleges, till they become self-sufficient and capable. Now picture this, a start-up being guided by the best talents, mentored by the visionary executives and always under the watchful eyes of the founders, in order to grow from a venture funded idea into a successful and self-funded business. Not much different, is it?

Therefore, hiring a team for a start-up is to be done carefully. You do not hand over your kid to someone who you don’t trust or whose views you are not comfortable with. In the same way, start-ups avoid hiring people who are not on the same page as them, with respect to their start-up’s goals, mission, vision, and culture. In addition to that, the first people who are hired by a start-up will be the “senior” members of the team. Subsequently, as newer members arrive, they will be the ones responsible for grooming new employees and to take the company forward.

With competitors (read, other parents) out to draw blood, hiring for start-ups need even more care, in the present day. Everyone is set out to acquire better-talented and better-experienced employees for their company. Only giving out higher pay and more perks than your competitors might not get you the best talent from the pool. They might be looking for an opportunity to make a difference, a new experience or share the same vision. There have been notable instances where top executives from other companies have moved to work with start-ups or better- they commenced their journey towards entrepreneurship. Search for people who take pride in their work and in your’s and make it a matter of their own pride to see your start-up grow to be that pride of the (start-up) family you can fondly look at. The employees are the building blocks for your success. Be as careful as choosing the right talents, as picky, you are about choosing the right coach for your baby. After all, you can’t raise either of the two all alone.

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All the best and go back to sleep if you are reading this at 3:30 AM in the morning.