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Technology Enthusiast

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Shubhankar is a dedicated professional always willing to help others achieve their goals. He is extremely creative and knowledgeable. If Shubhankar is not on your team, then you're missing out. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. Shubhankar is one of the most professional people one can come across with.

Pranab Dash

VP Engineering


Working with Shubhankar I found him as a person with deep experience of solutions. As I remember, Shubhankar was a very productive and proactive person.

Neeraj Chopra

VP Technology


Shubhankar has been very critical to our company's growth from the very beginning. We are entirely dependent on the critical work and client engagement he brings to the table for us and the rapid growth we have seen through the critical hires done through his company. Around 75% of our hiring comes from his end
Just great work all the way through

Puneet Mahajan

Sr. Product Manager