Consultant Recommendation

Surendra Motamarri

The Big Data Guy

Contact: Mobile, Mail, LinkedIn

Surendra is arguably one of the best recruiters in the software industry right now. He not only has complete understanding of the job description, he goes the extra mile in connecting candidates with the right people in the company who can potentially help the candidates prepare for interview.
Apart from marketing the job, Surendra possesses very good inter personal skills which enables him to connect with interviewers and interviewes alike. I found him very knowledgeable of the industry trends for both MNCs as well as Startsups, which he imparts to the candidates while making the decisions.
His enthusiasm levels are a notch higher than others and his timely updates are well known phenomenon with his peers and clients. He deserves the tag, Highly Recommended.

Giri Venkat

Staff Data Scientist


I interacted with Surendra multiple times in the past. He is friendly, social and I'm glad that I met him. I found him very skillful at matching high profile professionals with the opportunities. He does timely follow ups, understands & respects choices and priorities. I thank him for his support and wish him the best!

Rajendra Patil



Surendra is exceptional at sourcing and getting candidates warmed up. I liked how he handled the process with candidates as well as with the company. He is well versed with the nuances of the field and manages expectations well.
Highly recommended!

Jitender Sharan

Technology leader