Consultant Recommendation

Gajendra Singh

Tech Understanding Specialist

Contact: Mobile, Mail, LinkedIn

Gajendra is a proactive, forward thinking, efficient HR professional. I've known him for 3 years now; & I must share that his dedication & focus creates Win-Win situations for all stakeholders in the process. I wish him the very best of luck.

Aaqib Sayed

Head of Digital Business

The Dawn Media Group

Gajendra Sir, is someone who is a creative thinker and possesses a can-do attitude. As a mentor and a guide he exhibits all the patience and sound advice that one needs to learn from. He is a calm and cool headed person who handles things in a composed manner.I have learned a lot from him . He is a real asset to any Organization.

Ananda Pandey

Technical Architect, Engineering Manager,VP Engineering

Gajendra has been a great team player. The biggest endorsement of Gajendra leadership was the fact that despite being the youngest in the management team, he earned the respect of each and every member of his team and had the full support from them.He is knowledgeable in both the business as well as technical aspects, he is focused on key accounts and what he delivers to customers.Gajendra has reflected what one would really call a commitment and responsibility in his work. Reliance and trust would be what you can expect of him. Over all a great person to work with.

Rupa Kumari

Corporate HR

Bharti Enterprises

I have known him for more than an year and found him as a much focused and detail oriented professional. He specialised in hiring for technical roles-leadership profiles in and outside India. I have seen him being rewarded for his performance on multiple occasions. It was a great learning experience with him. To add: Excellent Networking skills

Kanika Chaturvedi

Sr. HR Executive

Binary Semantics Ltd. (On-site Google India)

As a Recruitment team manager we face critical situation almost every other day to get best match for the requirement raised by the concerned department. On such situation the manager look forward to allocate such critical positions to a key resource in the team who can get the kind of candidate which would be the best match for the requirement in the shortest span of time. To me Gajendra was one of the key resource to whom i could allocate critical positions additional to his regular tasks and expect excellent results. Gajendra would get the resource in the allocated time and within the allocated budget and make the recruitment team always PROUD to have him as a part of our team.

Pooja Anand

Enterpreneur, CEO

JMD Placements