Why Are Executive Talents A Rare Breed?

They say a car is only as good as the one behind its wheels. This saying is even more apt for companies, be it a startup or a billion dollar conglomerate. A company, no matter how well established, will be only as good as the executives running it. So who are these executives? How do we pick them? All employees bring value to the table but a few get to break the proverbial glass ceiling and run the show themselves. This rare breed goes through every stage on their way to the top and sees things from every possible perspective. Read More

How To Bridge The Executive Talent Gap

As India’s marketing ecosystem is thriving, challenges are growing right beside it. In today’s scenario, it is important to have executives who are not only well-versed with technology but also have the capabilities to lead teams and compete into winning the market share. Companies find it rather challenging to fill the executive spots because most of the top guns are either planning to retire if they haven’t already, or are having their choice of positions due to the increasing demand for highly qualified candidates. So, how exactly can organizations bridge this widening executive talent gap? Read More


The Holistic Approach of Executive Search

Filling a leadership role in the organization is not a very easy task. It is the most powerful business decision you make, and the kind of executives you have defines the whole structure of the organization. There is no room for mistakes and you must find the perfect fit to take your organization to great heights, rather than bring it crashing down. Having a multi-dimensional approach to finding the right match for the organization is important. That is why you need to pay attention to the details. They are: Read More